Danile Soares Rocha Sales Araújo, Vanessa Pereira do Nascimento, Thiago Lima Monte, Carlos Alberto Monteiro Falcão, Marconi Raphael Siqueira Rego


Objective: To evaluate the effects of different surface treatments on the bond
strength of fiberglass pins to root dentin. Materials and methods: PubMed and VHL
databases were used and the search was limited between 2013 and 2018. 372
publications were found, evaluated by reading the titles and / or abstracts and then
the text in its entirety, being 20 articles selected for research. Results: Most of the
authors compared the conventional conditions, such as phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric
acid and hydrogen peroxide. The alternative treatments significantly increased the
adhesion of glass fiber pins to root dentin when compared to conventional methods.
Conclusions: Alternative and conventional techniques can be effective and
significantly improve the adhesion of glass fiber pins to the root canals, among them,
hydrogen peroxide, silane, erbium-chromium laser and potassium permanganate.
Keywords Glass fiber post; Surface treatment; Bond strength.


Pinos de Fibra de Vidro; Tratamento de Superfície; Força de Adesão.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35169/for.v2i3.45


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