Marcus Victor Vaz Soares Castro, Brunna da Silva Firmino, Humbelina Alves da Silva, Lara Lysle Silva dos Santos, Maria Ângela Arêa Leão Ferraz, Rodrigo Barcelos Barbosa, Rebeca Maria Vieira Pereira, Wanderson Carvalho de Almeida, Carlos Alberto Monteiro Falcão


Objective: To observe the degree of penetration of the obturator cement in the isthmus region of mesial roots of lower molars after ultrasound use.

Materials and Methods: 30 extracted human lower molars were used. The teeth were instrumented and randomly divided into three groups which used different smear layer removal techniques. The results were submitted to statistical analysis by the Mann-Whitney test.

Results: It was observed that the use of ultrasound with specific insert for isthmus cleaning did not influence the degree of penetration of endodontic cementum in the cervical and middle thirds of the root canals.

Conclusion: The use of ultrasound in the final toillet of root canals influenced root canal cleansing when compared to manual technique.

Keywords: Endodontics; Ultrasonics; Root Canal Obturation. 


Endodontia, Ultrassom, Obturação do Canal Radicular

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